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Below is the Online Motorcycle Repair Course. I will try to take you from knowing nothing about Motorcycle Repair to being able repair your own and others Motorcycles. How much you learn and how well you repair your motorcycle will depend on you. Remember what the Bible tells us... " And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;" (Colossians 3:23) In other words always do your very best. In reality, you are really working for God, and not man.

If you are just looking for general Motorcycle stuff go back to index and pick from there.

  • This course is designed for three types of people.
  1. People who want to do their own work.
  2. People who want to know how the work is done, but do not want to do it themselves.
  3. People who want to do it, for Pay, for other people.
  • Click on the topics below to get started.

  • Remember to Click on all blue underlined Words and Pictures to get the full story!

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    Well, that sucks if you need some of the Motorcycle Course's information TODAY and not tomorrow. To, hopefully, cure this problem I've put the entire site in the WayBack Machine which you can access Here. Put that link in your favorites and you will be able to access it forever or at least until Jesus returns, and the way things are going in the world that might be soon.


  1. Just Do It! Getting started for the very first time.

  2. Shop Safety Avoiding the Pain.

  3. Helmets Skidlids, and why you need one.

  4. 2 & 4 Stroke Engine Basics How an Engine Works.

  5. Motorcycle Glossary Some Very Basic Definitions for the Beginner.

  6. Shop Manuals The Spec's for your Engine.

  7. The Ultimate Shop Manual The Spec's for the Human Machine.

  8. Online Manuals Free Shop and Parts Manuals Online.

  9. A Career in Motorcycle Repair A different view, That's for sure.

  10. Motorcycle Flat Rates What is that job of work worth?

  11. Quick Troubleshooting Do These Things first!

  12. Trouble Shooting a Used Bike Should I buy that thing or not?

  13. Trouble Shooting a Bike that Will Not Start. Making that old dog run.

  14. Definitions What does a Tune-Up or Top-End Job, consist of?

  15. Troubleshooting Plan... Planning how to fix the problem.

  16. Basic Tools For the beginner...Tools 101!

  17. Advanced Tools The next step up, or what do I want for next Christmas.

  18. Special Tools More New Tools.

  19. Making Special Tools Save Money, Make your own Special Tools.

  20. Inventing Special Tools Save That part, Invent your own Special Tools.

  21. Making a Buzz Box Creating a Sacred Box of Buzz.

  22. Impact Driver... Your first Special Tool.

  23. Good Shop Practice... Go fast without really trying.

  24. Home Work Every School has Home Work... Here is yours!

  25. Home Work 2... Don't worry, this will be fun!


  26. Engine Start Up Start'n her up.

  27. New Engine Break-In Breaking it in without breaking it up.

  28. Mysterious Two Stroke Seizure Getting stuck without trying!

  29. HopUp Getting you more power.

  30. Remove Your Seat "Fix My Bike ? ? ? I can't even get the seat off." Here's Tips on how to do it.

  31. Exploded Seat Latches Blow those Seats Off.

  32. Chemicals Some slippery stuff, that.

  33. Cleaning Parts You can really clean up with this one.

  34. Air Tools How to use Air Tools Right.

  35. Hot & Cold How to make a part's Temperature work for you.

  36. Worrying Removing that stuck, rusted, part.

  37. Piddling Making it work when you don't know how.

  38. Winter Storage How to Store Your Bike Right.

  39. Fastener Theory Trying to Hold it together.

  40. Torquing Bolts Torque it down. Wow, that sounds dirty, doesn't it!

  41. Fixing Bad Threads. Torqued it down too much, didn't you.

  42. Stripped Bolts and Screws How to fix stripped out bolts and screws.

  43. Dissolving Broken Stuff with Acid Just make it all go away.

  44. Phillips Head JIS Screws Stop murdering those Phillips Head Screws.

  45. Sand Blasting Blowing Chunks, so to speak!

  46. Chinese Bikes The Chinese Revolution.

  47. Locating Parts Getting The Right Part.

  48. General Repair Tips Tips to Help You.


  49. 2 Stroke Oil Keep Your Ring-Ding Ringing.

  50. 4 Stroke Oil Keep that Engine Oiled.

  51. Changing your Oil, Page 1 Changing your Oil and Filter.

  52. Changing your Oil, Page 2 Getting it all on the Level.

  53. Two Stroke "Auto-Lube" Oil Pumps Lubing 'er up without fouling 'er out.

  54. Two Stroke "Auto-Lube" Systems Different Strokes for Different Folks!

  55. Two Stroke Oil Injection History Slippery Ideas, Then & Now.

  56. Four Stroke Lubrication Lubing her up!

  57. Four Stroke Oil Flow Systems How do they lube that?

  58. Gaskets Keep the Oil Where it Belongs.

  59. Grease Keeping the goo compatible.


  60. Gasoline About the Fuel You Burn.

  61. Gasohol People get a bit tipsy about this.

  62. Gas Tanks Keeping the Go Juice from leaking away.

  63. Carburetor Theory and Tuning Changing those jets.

  64. Carburetors Servicing your Carburetor.

  65. Balancing Carburetors Matching the Throttles.

  66. Exploded Carburetor Views Lot and Lots of Carburetors!

  67. Idle Circuit Idle Words.

  68. Throttle Slide Circuit Slip Sliding Away.

  69. Needle Jet Circuit Not a Needle at all.

  70. Jet Needle Circuit Needle Points.

  71. Main Jet Circuit The Main Thing.

  72. Carburetor Floats Several Ways to Float.

  73. Carburetor Fuel Valves Various Needles in your Seats.

  74. Air Jet Circuit Air Power.

  75. Carburetor Tuning Tuning it In.

  76. Starter Circuit Richer Fuel to Start With.

  77. Choke Plates Just Choke On That.

  78. Float Ticklers Tickle That Old Girl Till She Starts.

  79. Accelerator Pumps Pump That Fuel In.

  80. Decelerator Valve Circuit Air-Cut Out Valves.

  81. Constant Velocity Carburetors Constant Smooth Acceleration.

  82. Pumper Carbs Blow that fuel in!

  83. Two Stroke Power Valves Power from the Valves.

  84. Reed Valves One way Flappers.

  85. Air Cleaners Clearing the air.


  86. Reading Wiring Diagrams The Map to your Wires.

  87. Wiring Diagrams Motorcycle Wiring Counsellors, from around the world.

  88. Ignition Timing Ignition Theory.

  89. Magneto Timing Timing a Flywheel Magneto.

  90. Electronic Ignition A Pointless Discussion!

  91. Timing a Battery/Coil Ignition Is there a Point to this Discussion?

  92. Point & Flywheel Identification Pointing You in the Right Direction.

  93. Electrical Testing Information that may prove to be Shocking!

  94. Soldering The Joining of the Wires.

  95. Batteries Servicing Your Battery.

  96. AC & DC Switches Does this mean we can all use the same bathroom? NO!

  97. Spark Plugs How to read a Spark Plug.

  98. 29 Spark Plug Images... Cold to Hot. Be Patient, it takes awhile to load.

  99. Electric Starters Making her spin.

  100. Exploded Starters Exploded Starter Views.

  101. Generator/Starter/Dynamo Another way to spin it.

  102. Virago Starter Problem A fix, perhaps, to an old problem.


  103. Engine Compression Testing Finding the Pressure.

  104. Four Stroke Compression Releases Venting the Pressure.

  105. Two Stroke Compression Releases Venting that Pressure Two!

  106. Four Stroke Leak Down Test leaking the Pressure.

  107. Two Stroke Crankcase Vacuum/Pressure Testing This could really suck.

  108. Four Stroke Exhaust Pipes Keeping the sound down.

  109. Two Stroke Exhaust Pipes Expanding your chambers.

  110. Valve Adjustment Keep those Clearances open.

  111. Valves Servicing the Valves and Seats.

  112. Pistons & Cylinders & Rings Work those Jugs Over.

  113. Cylinder Hones Putting the Cross Hatch on.

  114. Chinese Ring Instillation Which Rings are Which!

  115. Gear Boxes How to slide those gears into position.

  116. Gear Shifters Something Shifty Going On!

  117. Exploded Gear Shifters More Shifty Dealings.

  118. Clutches Slip in a new gear grabber!

  119. Exploded Clutches Exploded Clutch Views.

  120. Automatic Clutches Clutch lever? I don't need no clutch lever!

  121. Exploded Automatic Clutch Views More Views, Automatically.

  122. Counter Balancers Cooling the bad vibes.

  123. KickStarters Kicking is an old habit!

  124. Exploded Kickstarter Views Lots of old kicking habits.

  125. Water Cooling How to keep your cool.

  126. Water Cooling Systems Cooling Pictures from Hot to Cold.

  127. Unsticking a Stuck Engine Getting it unstuck.

  128. Engine Plain Bearings Plainly some things are going around.

  129. Roller Bearings Getting things rolling.

  130. Valve/Cam Timing Getting the timing right.

  131. Valve/Cam Drives How to drive those Cams.

  132. Adjusting the Cam Chain Setting the Tension.

  133. Cam Chain Views Different ways to set the Tension.

  134. Splitting the CrankCases Split 'em up right.

  135. Seals Fix a Leaking Seal.


  136. Engine Removal and Installation Pull it Out and Stick it In.

  137. Bowden Control Cables Controling your cables.

  138. Hydraulic Brakes & Clutch Making Hydraulics Work.

  139. Hydraulic Brakes & Clutch Exploded Views Acke Brakey Views.

  140. Drum Brakes Make your Drum Brakes Brake.

  141. Front Forks Replace those Leaking Seals.

  142. Exploded Forks Exploded Front Fork Views.

  143. Align the Front Forks Handlebar to Tire Alignment.

  144. Front Wheel Removal Pull your fronts.

  145. Rear Wheel Removal Pull your rears.

  146. Changing Tires Fix a Flat Tire.

  147. Spoke Wheels Truing your rims.

  148. Rear Chains & Sprockets The Transfer of Power.

  149. Wheel Bearings keeping your rims rolling.

  150. Steering Bearings keep your Handlebars Turning.

  151. Twist Grip Throttles Turning the power on and off.


  152. Specifications Motorcycle Specifications.

  153. Motorcycle Software Programs for your Bike.

  154. Days of Yore Information from Back in the Day.

  155. Books of Yore Motorcycle Theory Books from Back in the Day.

  156. Miscellaneous Some Specifications on Non-Motorcycle Engines you might run into.

  157. Dansmc Motorcycle Course Audio For Your Listening Pleasure.

Motorcyclists have used this course over times since 1999.

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