"Disclaimer & Reprint Permission"

Disclaimer & Reprint Permission


Dansmc does not warrant that the information contained in this Web Site meets your requirements or that the information is free of errors. The information may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.

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OK, I have to confess... I've been a bad boy. I have stolen stuff. Yes indeed, the thing I hate most I have become. A thief... sort of, any way. If it was useful to you, and I could not find anyone to get permission from, I just went and used it. (stole it). If you made or created something I used here and I did not give you credit, PLEASE tell me and I will give you credit. If you do not want me to use it, send me proof that you own it, and I will remove it. Better yet, I'll give you credit for it. I mean really, I don't make any money from this. If you want your stuff to make you money, you will have to go somewhere else. Unless you can think of a way we can both make money from it, in which case I'm all ears. I always try to get permission to use something, but if I can't contact you or I don't know who you are... well... I just use it ! Sorry !

I wrote all the text on this site unless I state otherwise. I took 95 % of the pictures, but some of the JPG and GIF pictures... ? Like the shop manual for the 250cc Super Max. It has no copyright on it and well... I don't know who to ask.

I figure you would want your fellow motorcyclists to get the information. If it is yours and you want me to take it off, I will. But, wouldn't it be better if we worked something out ? If So... E-Mail Me

I would like to thank the following people for giving me permission to use information from their catalogs, magazines, books, and web sites. By doing this they help many people, worldwide.

Western Power Sports
Flanders Co.
Sport Rider Magazine, USA
Mrs. Connie Perryman, England
Bob Lane, England
Dynamic Drive.com
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If you wish to reprint any part of the Dan's Motorcycle Website here is what you must do:
  1. It MUST be given away free. You may not charge anything for it. You may not make any money off or from the course. That means that if you are being paid in any way, shape or form by any organization, government or with a money grant from someone you will need to E-Mail me and get permission. I am always open to any legal way that you and I can make some money with the motorcycle course.
  2. It CANNOT be changed in any way, shape or form. You may change the color of the background, but the wording and pictures must stay the way they are.
  3. You MUST give credit to the Dan's Motorcycle Website (www.dansmc.com) for anything you use.
  4. If possible, notify me that you are using the material and what you are using.


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