Due to an ongoing Family Medical problem I will be VERY slooow at answering E-Mail. Sorry, but family comes before answering E-Mail. Currently, I am over worked and over stressed, running at 12,000 RPM and I'm over heating and running low on oil. I will get to you sooner or later but it will not be quick. Again, I am sorry.

Hi, I am happy to answer your questions on motorcycle repair, linking to me or you, or anything else. If possible, I will try to help you, HOWEVER, I do require Four (4) things from you... But they are not too hard. They are.....

1. Your first name, nickname, or any name you want me to call you.

2. The Country, State, And City where you live. Hey, I just like to know where my web site has gone!

3. How did you find me. Where did you surf in from, or in what search engine did you find me.

4. If you have a motorcycle question, did you read all the information on my web site to try and find the answer to your question there? If not, try this Great Search Engine!

If you have searched and still don't understand something, that's OK. Write and I'll try to help.

If you don't answer my questions I might not answer yours... and then again maybe I will, depends on how I feel that day.

Because of "Spam" you "MUST" put MC1 and nothing else, in the subject line of your E-Mail. If you do not, my E-Mail filters will kick it out and I will never receive your E-Mail.

If you just have to put my e-mail in some forum or chat room please use the web address (The URL, which is "http://www.dansmc.com/emailtome.htm") for this page and not my e-mail address. If I get any e-mails with MC1 but no answers to my simple questions I will just send them the link to this page. So start them off right, OK?

I will try to answer all your questons ( If you do as I ask! ). If I did not answer yours PLEASE try again. Maybe it did not get through to me ( They tell me as much as 25% of E-Mails DON'T make it through ) or your E-Mail address was wrong or the computer blew up. (All of this has happened several times.) So PLEASE try again. Also, Make sure your mail box isn't filled up. This happens a lot.

Be PATIENT with me, I am retired... I may be slow in answering sometimes... like several days, a week or more... it is all free. I don't make anything from this, so my family, and my web surfing do come before your E-Mail! If you really, really, really got to have the answer right now... E-Mail me more then once!

If you send a big long E-Mail... That's GREAT... I like to read them. But I am a two finger typist and I don't spell well! My reply will usually be short and (hopefully) sweet. Also, while I really appreciate letters of encouragement, I probably won't write back unless you have a motorcycle question.

Give the Model number, make and year. Don't just say its a Rocket Blaster Special. I have no idea what that is. There have been lots of Blasters, Hawks, Specials, East Coasts, West Coasts, not to mention various Knives and Swords. I stopped trying to keep up with all the funny names a long time ago. Give me numbers... please!

If you send me a picture you have taken yourself I will assume you are giving me permission to use it. If you do not want to do this, ah... just don't send it. OK?

WOW! After all that, if you still want to write me, click E-Mail Me

All the informatiom and/or advice given on this web site or through an E-Mail is FREE. This does not mean that it did not cost something. Web space, internet connections, computers, computer programs, and the labor to build this site all cost somebody, (meaning me) money! If you want to or feel lead to support this site you may make a donation through PayPal. Simply click the button below and thank you for supporting the Dan's Motorcycle Repair Web site.

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