Part Four


Well, the results are in and the Republicans got thumped. The big question is WHO did the thumping and Why? The Democrats have no plan for anything so they didn't really do any thumping, but the American people did and I think this is why. Exit polls from the 2006 election show that corruption and scandals were extremely or very important to 74% of voters. Using the same categories of extremely or very important, Iraq received 68%. Illegal immigration received 62%, and values issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion rated 57%.

The Iraq war is being handled poorly. But that does not mean it was wrong thing to do. The day after the election I saw an interview by a local TV station (KHQ-Channel 6 and KXLY-channel 4) with an former Iraqi general named Sada. In it he states that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction and that they were sent to Syria just before the Iraqi war started. The war was and is necessary and just. The problem is that we expect others to act like ourselves. We love life, the terrorists love death and the common Iraqi citizen seems to love revenge. Separating the vengeful factions may be the only way. However, the war was not the problem.

The real problem is sin. Man and sin, it always comes back to that, doesn't it? Corruption, scandal and sin. It ruined Bill Clinton and it has tripped up the Republican party too.

Let us hope both Republicans and Democrats can learn from this and move ahead, but I doubt it. Did you see the Senator Murtha Abscam tape? And the Democrats are going to save us from the Republicans. Yeah, right.

Oh yes, I was am election poll worker again for this election. We had a pretty good count. 350 or so people turned out to vote. Still that is a sorry showing. Something to think about. My county uses a paper ballot that is counted electronically. It's fast, accurate and there is a paper trail if a recount is necessary.

Don't ever use pure electronic voting. There is too much chance of election fraud. The computer "Lost" 18,000 votes in Florida in this election. No excuse for that, is there? Anyone who has ever used a computer for more then five minutes knows electronic voting is a very bad idea.


Yeah, I missed 2007. Oh, well!


I guess I need to update. In fact, a nice reader e-mailed and asked me if I had changed my mind on Iraq. The answer is no I have not. I sort of thought I had covered it all. The surge is working. We are, indeed, bringing FREEDOM to Iraq. If you still don't get it then I guess you just don't get it. I don't get a lot of e-mail on this but the e-mail I do get runs about 85% pro and 15% con. One thing is for sure. The fact that Saddam Hussein was fairly tried and convicted for his crimes is one of the great justices of the last fifty years. He received his just reward.

2008 Election Update

Hate, Hate, Hate. I am just amazed at how much the left wing of the Democratic party hates. This hate is scary. That brings me to what I would like you to consider.

We can have opposing opinions on many different political ideas. War, peace, the welfare of the poor, taxes, the speed limit. Lots of things. But on one thing we can all agree. One thing ties us all together. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." This is the start of the second paragraph of The Declaration of Independence of The United States of America.

You will notice that the first unalienable right is the right to life. One of the presidential candidates believes this and one does not. How do I know this? Easy, one candidate has consistently voted against any limitation on partial birth abortion and the other has consistently voted for life. Let us be blunt. There is no medical or health reason for partial birth abortion. It is simply the murder of a an individual who is both powerless and inconvenient. However you feel about when life begins there can be no doubt that partial birth abortion is, indeed, murder. If you don't think partial birth abortion is murder perhaps you should read what a participant of one said about it.

If you are for the murder of the young how about the old?

I am 58 years old. As I get older I get a bit more sensitive to this murdering of someone who is simply "Inconvenient". This year, in Oregon, one individual was denied medical care because it was very expensive and the powers that be didn't think the procedure had a good enough chance to work. They did offer to pay for poison so that individual could end their own life. This was later reversed and the person given the medical procedure, but this murdering of inconvenient and powerless people is looking us right in the face.

Why with all the "Green" thinking now-a-days it is downright unpatriotic not to commit suicide so you don't produce carbon and use up all our planet's resources. Well, I DON'T THINK SO!

This abortion thing is America's great sin. How great is this sin? 35 million people have been killed since 1973. Compare this with war dead in our wars

So that is the choice. Simple isn't it? Choose life or death. That is why, even with their horrible economic policies and foolish expansion of big government, I am forced to vote Republican this year. As long as the Democrats embrace death I will not vote for them. For all their faults the McCain-Palin ticket is solidly for life.

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